Kathmandu, the capital and largest metropolitan center, is also a city of temples, monasteries and shrines where the devotees can be observed performing age-old rituals and festivities, displaying at every turn the intricate mixture of Nepal’s ancient Hindu-Buddhist traditions. Kathmandu is also the springboard to exhilarating outdoor experiences as diverse as trekking, rafting, paragliding and elephant rides in the jungle.

Set at the heart of Kathmandu, Daali Hotel & Apartment offers spacious and elegant rooms with a complete range of services and facilities. Daali Hotel & Apartment is one of the first full-service lifestyle hotels in this center of tourism.

Daali Hotel & Apartment is a private hotel which effortlessly combines contemporary international standard with time-honored, personalized service that reflect Nepal’s traditional family values and gracious hospitality. Our friendly and dedicated staff take pride in ensuring that our guests have the most comfortable and memorable stay.

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